Chroma Lux Custom Design & Print Glass Films

Chroma Custom Design & Print Glass Film

Chroma Lux is the haute couture of window film.  We start from your original concept; design it in-house and print your idea on high performance Chroma polyester films.  We tailor your idea from an original concept to final installation all under one roof. 

Please contact us for file requirements and customization options.


Chroma Lux Modern


Let Lux Modern Series inspire you. With over 30 standard designs to choose from, Lux Modern patterns can be personalized for your unique space. Each pattern can be resized, scaled, re-colored per specification.

Personalize Chroma Lux for Your Space

Select a pattern from the Lux Modern Series or bring your own pattern idea or have our design team create something completely unique for you. Once the design is selected, it’s yours to personalize per your space, aesthetic, brand, color and size parameters.