Chroma Custom Graphics

Rejuvenate any space with your own custom graphic design. Make your space just as expressive and unique as your brand. Whether you’re working with an architect or designer, or designing your space in-house, we can guide you through the custom design process.

To get started

All we need from you are the dimensions of the area that you would like designed, and the image or artwork that will be used. Just a few simple questions will be required to get started. If you don’t have a design or are not working with a designer, no worries. We can help. (please continue reading)

No Artwork? No Problem!

Our team of graphic designers can assist you every step of the way. Whether it is finding the perfect sourced image or graphic, or to design something completely new and unique; we can do it.  If custom art creation is required, or any large editing of supplied artwork required, this may be subject to an additional charge.

Your Artwork and Chroma

We accept a wide range of artwork file types.  All images should be a minimum of 150 dpi for the best results but larger are accepted especially for larger spaces. Lower resolutions are not recommended for close viewing.  Graphics, logos, and lettering should all be provided in Vector format or with all details (font, size, width, gap, weight, etc) so your design gets it's maximum effect.

Print ready graphic file should be a minimum of 150 DPI. Accepted formats:

  • Vector Artwork formats: .ai .eps .pdf .cdr

  • Raster Artwork Format: .jpg .tiff .psd .gif

Designs, designs, designs...

All our designs, whether created in-house or by our clients, are tested to make sure the final outcome is perfect and stays that way for years to come. All of our designs can be printed to fit your space whether it is an entire office floor, a store front, or just the break room, we have you covered.  Literally.

Use our list of tried-and-true designs or choose one of your own from some of the internet's largest graphic libraries like or  We will work with you to find the best option possible and adjust it to suit your needs.


Once the initial design is worked out, we will provide you with a digital rendering of what the finished work will look like in your space so any adjustments can be made before production.  After that, a physical sample will be provided to you to review what the final product will look like once finished.  


Depending on the base material there are production limitations due to size constraints.  

  • Most Base Materials cannot exceed 59 inches wide. Seaming can be accomplished for larger panels with either horizontal or vertical tiles.

From the time that the final design is approved, to in your hands can take on average 7-10 shipping days. The size of the order might extend the production period. Each project is unique and has its own timeline.


APG Design Studio has a full staff of professional installers ready to work for you in the New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, and Maryland. For the rest of the United States, we have a network of professional installation partners.    *Installation is a separate service.

If you are outside our service area, or choose to install yourself, we provide you with complete installation and care instructions or can provide you one of our local film partner's for installation.

The Price Tag

Chroma is a completely custom product and the price is based on many factors including project size, designing, graphic acquisition, extra sampling, installation, shipping, etc..  

more questions?

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